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E & Y Fraud Study and The Fifth idiot

E & Y Fraud Study and The Fifth idiot

“Young players play with a great deal of fairness and sportsmanship. Once they learn how important the game is to adults, they will learn how to cheat.” Dr. Ron Quinn, Professor of Sports Ethics at Xavier University.

Cheat to win is the mindset we adults have developed and that is spoiling our children too. The recent study on fraud conducted by E & Y indicates about 70% of the Indian executives would indulge in unethical business practices to achieve the targets.

Parents’ expectations are the biggest CRISIS in our society. Be it winning in sports or getting top ranks in schools or studying the course of interest of parents and even marrying the partner of their choice. Fulfilling parents’ dreams make children do unethical things and study the subjects of their least interest. Parental pressure and expectations are the biggest stress for the children.

Parents’ are indulging in unethical practices in their workplace too not only to please their bosses but also to earn their bonuses. This Win by any Means behaviour they master at workplaces, they pass it onto to their children.

We have mastered the art of becoming parents, but when it comes to parenting there is no formal training or classes or coaching. Therefore, we do it in an untrained manner. Most of us fall into the following category: Over parenting, bad parenting, careless parenting and show parenting.

I believe that my role as a coach is not to prepare my players for success in today’s game, but success in all their games, throughout the game of life. – John O’Sullivan, Founder & CEO, Changing the game project. 

Isn’t it also the role of every parent too?

To correct the workplace unethical conduct we badly need The Fifth idiot in business. This can have a positive cascading impact, virtuous cycle. Ethics at workplace will bring back ethics at home and ethic in parenting.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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