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The common link between Ki & Ka, The Fifth Idiot and a Ted Talk

The common link between Ki & Ka, The Fifth Idiot and a Ted Talk

Ki & Ka, the movie by R Balki was released this Friday on 1st April. The movie is about swapping of the roles of House Wife and House Husband. The movie conveys the message in quite an interesting way.

Ki & ka

But the moot question we all must understand is the mindset of the character Kabir, played by Arjun Kapoor in his usual serious ‘2 States’ like style.

His thinking is in a rush to achieve higher post in corporate hierarchy; we spend our lives and end up retiring with multiple diseases. Finally, after retirement while taking a treatment of disease, we have acquired through high-stress jobs, in an expensive hospital, we think it’s good that I have done all this slogging so that now I can afford expense treatment.

First, we rush and stressed out for mindless rush for growth and post and then we suffer our rich retirement while treating multiple diseases. The thinking is quite captured in my book The Fifth idiot. You may refer my blog The Journey of the Fifth Idiot.

This mindless stressful life in the corporate world is going out of fashion quickly and people inside have started realising there is something wrong the way we run our organisation.

Ki & Ka is not just about beginning of house husband role swapping, but it is also about big PAUSE and thinking about endless slogging in the name of loyalty, promotion growth or security to the extent of dying in the process. & Cost of stressful jobs is not only diseases we acquire in the process, but also the opportunity cost of ignoring our dreams, ignoring our family & loved ones, spending finite years of our life in just earning money so ignoring our hobbies. Finally, donating most of our earned money, which are left out after expensive treatment we could afford for our body. Isn’t it a time and PAUSE to take a distant and detached view of our life which has very finite years left?

Listening to Ted Talk What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness by Robert Waldinger would be a valuable investment of 12.47 minutes of your life.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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