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Aren’t we all waiting for our over No. 18th and 19th ?

Aren’t we all waiting for our over No. 18th and 19th ?

All of us are pursuing our dreams since the day we commence our career. For most of us its daily routine and slogging and many times we feel it’s not happening in spite of our hard efforts. Sometimes we fail and some time we think our bosses or circumstances fail us. The bottom line remains same – We are pursuing, but nowhere near our final destination.

On Sunday, in the World T 20 cricket tournament, in the match between India and Australia, India, while batting 2nd was chasing the target of 161 runs but things were not moving as per expectations. Indian needed 39 runs from the last 18 balls.

In over number 18th and 19th Virat Kohli scored 35 runs & with the first ball of the 20th over India won. Over number 18th and 19th changed the fate of the match which looked slipping from the hands of the Indian team.

When the average was climbing, players did not panic, but kept their patience and kept pursuing the target.

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” John Quincy Adams

Finally, Virak Kohli’s courageous act in the 18th and 19th over did the wonder. This indicates that after patience and perseverance, it is the courageous act that does the wonder. Many  times we keep patience and perseverance, but it is the courageous act where we fail and assumes mere patience and perseverance will do the act.

Australian bowlers didn’t ball badly during 18th and 19th over, but the only difference was a courageous act by the Indian batsman. Perhaps we all need our courageous act, circumstance will remain the same, but results will be different.


We all are in need of our 18th and 19th over and the wait will end with our courageous acts.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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