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Eleven questions to the CEOs/ Business Owners:

Eleven questions to the CEOs/ Business Owners:

  1. Employees spend their prime time of lives with the employers. They need not wait for weekends for their happiness. Happiness for employees must be there and there at workplaces. This is the responsibility of CEOs. What are you doing about it?
  2. Most (85% in Indian Pvt. Sector) employees are suffering from lifestyle diseases due to work related stress and long hours of working but they do not have time for gymnasium or exercise. Courtesy – long hours of work and so-called self-imposed targets. Shouldn’t this change?
  3. All promoters and shareholders are net-worth rich – courtesy – company profit but most employees are in debt for the most part of their working life. Remember, being in debt is one of the top reasons of unhappiness.
  4. Promoters themselves are not loyal to their business and selling companies for money. Isn’t expecting or propagating employee loyalty is a big deceit?
  5. Does your enterprise know your Employees Experience Scorecard?
  6. Indulging in corruption for special favour and even for growth is no different than smuggling as both are anti-national. Anything not in the interest the nation is anti-national. Does your company have anti-bribery and corruption policies in place? Whether it’s being implemented? Do employees know about the same?
  7. Customers are fed up with over committing advertising and misselling. Online reviews are driving their BUY decisions. Do you have customer experience policies and practice in place? How do you measure customer experience your enterprise is offering?
  8. Do you dare to publish Employee Experience Scorecard and Customer Experience Scorecard in your annual report?

We talk f employee loyalty , but even owners are not loyal to ther business.2 (13)

Note: The Fifth Idiot, is a story of a woman CEO, passionate about the happiness of their employees & her interesting journey. She also endeavours to address all the above questions.

“Change making happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.” Seth Godin

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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