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Duryodhana’s HR blunder & Google’s HR Excellence

Duryodhana’s HR blunder & Google’s HR Excellence

Google is the best company to work for. Since 2007, the company is at the top of the chart. The company employs around 57000 people. It is said that company receives 20000 resume per week. Ethisphere does survey of most ethical companies in the world. Google is very much there in 2015 list of 132 honorees named spanning 21 countries and five continents and representing over 50 industries. The company is 2nd in the list of most admired companies in the world after Apple. The company is the most valued company on the earth @ US $547 billion.

What this data indicates?

The best place to work, best ethical practice, attracts best of the talents, and best of the talents can make the company most valuable. These linkages are important to observe.

Yet most companies are not following the leader in their people & ethical policies. When the war is of talent, companies are battling with quarter to quarter pressures and myopic business policies. It is the people who can win or lose the war. People are the clear differentiation for companies that are successful.

In Mahabharata, Duryodhana chose Krishna’s brigade over Krishna. This was his biggest blunder. Imagine had he choose Krishna. We all know the role Krishna (Talent) played in Kurukshetra for Pandavas. One competent leader is better than 100 incompetent people.

But the issue is how to attract the best talent.

Why do employees think Google is the best place to work?

In the article at Inc.com, 5 Reasons Googlers Think It’s the Best Place to Work,  cites following reasons.

1. Work that matters

2. Benefits for families

3. “Genius” co-workers

4. Smart perks

5. Unparalleled career opportunities

Salary, of course important but is nowhere in sight yet. The kind of work the company offers, how the company treats their employees and family matter more than money. Googlers think management is ethical and honest in their business practices. Working for an honest company is a matter of pride.

A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

While another survey by Gallup found; only 13% of employees are engaged at work, meaning the vast majority of working adults doesn’t enjoy their work.

We can understand what needs to be done to enhance the productivity of our existing workforce. Happy people policy can enhance employee productivity by a whopping 23%.

Yet, as the Gallup survey suggests most companies are not focussing on employee happiness. Most employees are unhappy.

Imagine employees spend most part of their active life working for employers. Therefore, most employees most part of active life they are not happy. Imagine a society we have become.

It is important to know, 18 Harsh Truths About Corporate Life Nobody Will Ever Tell You, a life in a corporate world where 87% of the employees are not engaged and therefore not happy.

It is said that customer experience is the next competitive battlefield, but the first step to enhance customer experience is to enhance the employee experience. You don’t win customers when you haven’t won your employees first.

Human Resource team’s JD & KRA must change. They must focus on talent acquisition and talent will come to do meaningful work in a happy work atmosphere.

Google has shown us that route to shareholders happiness is through happy employees, happy customers, and ethical practices i.e. happy society.

Alexander Kjerulf is an expert on ‘Happiness at work” and he calls himself Te Chief Happiness Officer. He  writes,

Happy employees are healthier and more productive and happy companies make more money.”

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Views of some of the beta readers:

  • I must start by saying that it was interesting going through the book. Starting more as a fiction, it adopts overtones of non-fiction (management category) and then ends on a dramatic note. Personally, I liked the roller-coaster and hope that majority too would.
  • Nice read. The twist was nice in the end…
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your draft review 🙂 I was desperate to know, what Nisha will do next.  The topic on which you have written is something, which is very sensitive and at the same time, today’s requirement. Every company should have a person like Nisha in their company.
  • Very Interesting and Inspiring… Particularly in this current time – It is a most Inspiring for New Generation …
  • I enjoyed the book.. XXXXX in the Board that’s some out of box thinking definitely… I wish we had Nisha like bosses.
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