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Treating Angina (chest pain) with Volini !!

Treating Angina (chest pain) with Volini !!

Customer Experience is extremely important, but alas; companies talk about it, but hardly do anything to improve the same.

Today, Snigdha Sengupta has written in the Mint newspaper about the Oyo Experience. Sadly, this is the scenario in most service sector companies. Be it a bank or insurance of hospitals or hotels. Just go and read reviews at mothshut.com or customer complaints.com Government is the major service providers to the citizen, but we citizen don’t expect much from the Govt as we have learnt to live with citizen apathy.

The BIG question is why companies fail miserably on customer experience aspects?

If you have an Angina (chest pain) due to a heart problem and you apply Move or Volini, does the pain goes away? It will not.

But why do we apply Move or Volini? Because reasons could be many:

1) No time and different priority (Most CXOs have different priorities than CX).

2) No knowledge that the Angina could be due to a heart problem  (Most CXOs have no clue about the reasons for CX Failure).

3) Think let me manage the present, will address the larger problem later (Most CXOs busy in managing daily fire fighting).

4) No knowledge that a heart attack can lead to death (Most CXOs not aware CX failure can severely damage the company performance and even it can go out of business).

5) Don’t know how to treat the Angina (Most CXOs not aware how to better CX).

6) I don’t care (Most CXOs neither cares for CX nor read customer reviews/feedback).

7) My strong brain will compensate for the heart shortfall (Most CXOs think other competency like brand persona / company reputation will take care of any shortfall in CX).

8) My goal to remain fit will take care of my all fitness problems. (Big mission statements are hardly executed).

9) The notion that we are too fit to suffer from heart problems. (Most CXOs believe they are big enough that they need not worry about CX).

10) Discussing about the Angina will solve the problem. (Most CXOs discuss a lot at the meeting about the CX but hardly any ground level action).

Even companies don’t realise failure of their CX as they don’t measure CX. They measure ROI and ROCE and IRR. They have no clue that all these three ratios are the result of better CX or to sustain better ratios CX is the key.

Most companies suffer from illusion and cannot connect the dots between better CX and its impact on financial performance and brand. Unless companies are on a mission mode to create better CX, they will continue to live with this illusion.

However, there are many companies who do not have any clue about how to deal with CX. How to improve CX and how to make it a top priority? My book on the subject The Bread is Moving can be a good beginning to know, learn and implement CX initiatives.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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