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Common insight from Rajkumar Hirani & Kabir Khan

Common insight from Rajkumar Hirani & Kabir Khan

MAMI, film festival, which was in a financial crunch last year is now finally on a strong footing now with sponsors like Reliance Jio and Star TV. Mumbai, the heart of Indian film industry facing financial crunch was a matter of shame for the city. Mumbai even does not have a Bollywood museum for visitors of the city to know the rich heritage of India Hindi movies.

However, the festival is a very good event and not to be missed event for Movie lovers and everyone associated with the art of movie making.


During the festival i.e. 29th Oct to 5th Nov 2015 around 150 movies will be shown in some 5 venues. Indian and International movies, documentaries are part of the event. Some of our classic Indian movies like Garam Hawa and Satyajit Ray movies like Apur Sansar and Aparajito have also been shown during the festival. Know more at the festival.

One of the important events during the festival was at Mehboob Studio, on 31st Oct.
It was an opportunity to listen stalwart directors like Rajkumar Hirani, Kabir Khan & Dibakar Banerjee, writers like Abhijat Joshi (3 Idiot & Mummabhai, fame) and Javed Akhtar. The entire Mr. India team shared their experiences of making of the movie, Mr. India.

The Movie is not only a medium of entertainment, now with the emergence of multiplexes and digital media, movies are a powerful medium for social change and highlighting important social issues.

A book can be read by individuals and it takes hours and days to complete the same. The same message can be conveyed by a movie in an entertaining way that too very quickly. Movies are an extension of fiction books. Visual fiction books are movies.

One of the famous movie makers of our time Satyajit Ray had said.

“ I’ve made seventeen or eighteen films now, only two of which have been original screenplays, all the others have been based on short stories or novels, and I find the long short story ideal for adaptation. “

The most popular Indian movies of recent times 3 Idiots was based on Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘5 Point Someone’. (Though there were some disputes.) How many have read the book and how many have seen the movies? Movies can go to the masses which a book rarely does. A movie adaptation from a book also makes the book more popular.

Yes, all fiction books are potential movies. Even social media champions are advocating Video as a means of very powerful way of marketing.

Back, in September, 14, a video blogger named Lewis rose to the tops of headlines when he performed the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test on his YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy. He garnered 33 million views in just 4 days, leading to coverage in more than 4,600 articles, proving that video is powerful means of marketing.

Numbers of documentaries made these days are also a very encouraging trend. Non-fiction message also can be communicated effectively through visual means and can reach to masses through digital platforms. One of the documentaries I saw during the MAMI festival was ‘The Journey of 1000 miles, Peacekeepers’.

This is a real life story of three Bangladeshi policewomen who served with the UN peacekeeping mission to Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake. Trailer.

This was not at all a boring, but a very interesting real life story convened through a documentary. Perhaps the same story in a nonfiction book format might not have worked. The power of the visual medium is powerful.

Movies, documentaries, and videos have become very important part of our lives, be it entertainment, knowing the truth and ideas or marketing for business. However, all these need writers.

The common insight for fiction writers from the talks by Rajkumar Hirani and Kabir Khan is;

Write for the self. Write what you want to write. Do not try to write for any particular segment or target audience, because you never know whether anyone will like it or not. But when a writer writes for the self, at least one person is guaranteed to like his work i.e. himself.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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