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WHY better customer experience alone is not enough?

WHY better customer experience alone is not enough?

You are a potential customer and looking for a holiday resort company, a hospital, an insurance company and a bank to avail their services. You visited the online review of the companies. This is what you get for all the three companies.

Few of the top ten reviews:

Online customer review of leading holiday resort company:

  • Demanding Money for undisclosed terms of membership.
  • Cheating by club XXXX resorts company.
  • Duped / fraud / cheating
  • Cancellation: Not returning my membership paid-up fee as they are a cheat and I want to cancel my membership.
  • Very difficult company to deal with
  • Fraud and useless
  • Nice resort but no value for money
  • It may be better known as Dodging Company

Online customer review of leading hospital chain:

  • Negligence & misleading information
  • Not proper treatment
  • Emergency Room people extremely negligent
  • Medical treatment negligence
  • Terrible Experience @ XXXX Gurgaon

Online customer review of leading insurance company:

  • NRI Should never go with XXXX PLUS .
  • XXXX click to connect plus policy – zero response!
  • Extremely slow and poor customer service

Online customer review of leading bank:

  • Not good not bad
  • Very good
  • Good service with huge offers on ATM expenses
  • XXXX bank for working for your comfort
  • Good Banking Service.

I am sure given a choice other than a bank you would not like to deal with the other three companies.  This is the story of every company. Customer reviews have become either lead generators or lead destroyers.

The entire travel industry is dependent on customer reviews on the sites like Trip advisor. Be it a mobile phone or movies customer reviews play a critical role in customers’ buying decisions.

In reality, though the first three companies stated above are not as bad as it appears from the reviews. But the problem is a customer with a bad experience is more vocal about writing online reviews while a customer with better and happy experience has no reason to write a review unless they wish to share their happiness.

In my book, The Bread is moving I wrote about why it is not only important to create a better customer experience but also to make customer share this better experience. Companies must facilitate the sharing of their customer experience by their happy customers.

Social media is driving our lives and competition is making it easy for customers to switch the brand. In this scenario, it has become extremely important to offer a better customer experience and make your customer share their better experience online with the outside world. This will drive the sales and business.

Stopping at only offering better experience will not have the desired impact as customers do not believe in what companies shout in their advertisements, but they believe in what their fellow customers have to say.

Job is to make customer spokesperson for the brand. They will become a spokesperson only if they are better experienced and offer an ease of sharing their experience.

The book is free till 30th Sep 2015. Welcome to read. Click to buy.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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