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What to write?

What to write?

What to write is the biggest challenge for writers. We have more cooks than chefs, more followers than leaders, more employees than employers. We like to be told about what to do. Taking initiatives is about taking a risk. We are risk averse by nature. This is not my research of the last five years, but the above statement about chefs, leaders and employers indicates so.

A blog requires regular commitment and periodic content. There are popular blogs like Seth Godin who writes daily on variety of topics, its short but actionable insights, then we have blog from Eirc Barker, once a week, long and insightful posts on any topic, we also have Jeff Goins, who blogs about the Writing and Tim Grahl writing about the selling books, Shane Parrish who writes a weekly blog about the books he is reading, Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner is a hugely successful blog about everything about social media, we have from India Lakshmi Sarath writing about my or I should say our favourite topic of Travel and Tourism. The list is big. These bloggers have thousands of followers.

There is all lots of content everywhere available now on Internet and middlemen like publishers and media house are becoming irrelevant. Anyone can have their own show on youtube and news/niche blog on the subject they want. Both can generate enough revenue to sustain. This is an unprecedented opportunity Internet offers. There are many authors writing books and blogs generating very good revenue to sustain and enjoy the life. The kind of freedom this world market offers is tremendous.

Therefore the answer is write anything you are good at or you are learning – write as you learn, or as stated by Jeff Goins, write about your own worldview on anything and everything. Since all of us are unique our views about everything will be unique, therefore there will be some readers. Well, this has a risk of writing about space science without even knowing ABC about it. But don’t worry, we also have most nonsensical blog award too. Don’t we see some useless movies and read pathetic books? Have your niche defined and you will have followers. (This is Gyan)

I have written my blog at http://aanekant.blogspot.com since 2010. It was mainly about customer experience and my worldview of various things. Now with the publication of a couple of books – fiction – ‘The Highest Ignorance’ and a non-fiction ‘C to C’ (Likely release – Sep 15), a few more in the pipeline like a fiction under progress titled – 5th Idiot, I was advised to have a full-fledged author website with a blog. This is what it is. Question for me is – my books are both fiction and nonfiction. What kind of readers, I need to attract and to get subscribed to this blog to have a captive audience for my books? No clue yet.

Like a Gujarati thali, this blog will have a taste of all sides of life. What I know, What I will know, Books I am reading, What I am passionate about and what is my world view of things I experience & people (including Mr. Arnab Goswami) I encounter.

Initially, I will write two posts per week. Welcome to subscribe by joining readers club.

PS: Apart from the blogs stated above I also follow a blog by Tim Ferriss.

Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi

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