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What to write?

What to write is the biggest challenge for writers. We have more cooks than chefs, more followers than leaders, more employees than employers. We like to be told about what to do. Taking initiatives is about taking a risk. We are risk averse by nature. This is not my research of the last five years, but the above statement about chefs, leaders and employers indicates so.

A blog requires regular commitment and periodic content. There are popular blogs like Seth Godin who writes daily on variety of topics, its short but actionable insights, then we have blog from Eirc Barker, once a week, long and insightful posts on any topic, we also have Jeff Goins, who blogs about the Writing and Tim Grahl writing about the selling books, Shane Parrish who writes a weekly blog about the books he is reading, Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner is a hugely successful blog about everything about social media, we have from India Lakshmi Sarath writing about my or I should say our favourite topic of Travel and Tourism. The list is big. These bloggers have thousands of followers.

There is all lots of content everywhere available now on Internet and middlemen like publishers and media house are becoming irrelevant. Anyone can have their own show on youtube and news/niche blog on the subject they want. Both can generate enough revenue to sustain. This is an unprecedented opportunity Internet offers. There are many authors writing books and blogs generating very good revenue to sustain and enjoy the life. The kind of freedom this world market offers is tremendous.

Therefore the answer is write anything you are good at or you are learning – write as you learn, or as stated by Jeff Goins, write about your own worldview on anything and everything. Since all of us are unique our views about everything will be unique, therefore there will be some readers. Well, this has a risk of writing about space science without even knowing ABC about it. But don’t worry, we also have most nonsensical blog award too. Don’t we see some useless movies and read pathetic books? Have your niche defined and you will have followers. (This is Gyan)

I have written my blog at http://aanekant.blogspot.com since 2010. It was mainly about customer experience and my worldview of various things. Now with the publication of a couple of books – fiction – ‘The Highest Ignorance’ and a non-fiction ‘C to C’ (Likely release – Sep 15), a few more in the pipeline like a fiction under progress titled – 5th Idiot, I was advised to have a full-fledged author website with a blog. This is what it is. Question for me is – my books are both fiction and nonfiction. What kind of readers, I need to attract and to get subscribed to this blog to have a captive audience for my books? No clue yet.

Like a Gujarati thali, this blog will have a taste of all sides of life. What I know, What I will know, Books I am reading, What I am passionate about and what is my world view of things I experience & people (including Mr. Arnab Goswami) I encounter.

Initially, I will write two posts per week. Welcome to subscribe by joining readers club.

PS: Apart from the blogs stated above I also follow a blog by Tim Ferriss.

Sunil Gandhi

The Real Maths

“Who are you?”

“I am Jay Kapoor.“ said Jay.

“What is the difference between you the Jay Kapoor and Jay Kapoor’s dead body? A dead body is wearing the same clothes, have same heart, lungs & liver etc. But living Jay is able to do all activities including thinking and dead Jay can’t do anything.”

Jay said, “ Dead body has no Soul and that is why it’s dead.”

“So there can be two types of Jay : 1) Living 2) Dead.

Living Jay = Body + Soul
Therefore, Living Jay – Soul = Body & Living Jay – Body = Soul

Right? Hope you studied Maths.”

Jay agreed.

“So these are two different separable things: Body & Soul.”

“Well Yes.” Jay said and added, “Soul separated from the body is the death. So yes, both are different & separable. Making sense.”

“Therefore who is Jay? Dead body or a Living body?”

“Both” replied Jay.

“So you mean, (Body + Soul) = (Body – Soul) = (Jay) , but just now you agreed, both body and Soul are separable and different.

Now if the dead body is also Jay, then living body means = Jay + Soul & likewise, If living body is Jay then dead body means = Jay – Soul.

Jay – Soul = Dead body which can’t do anything.
Jay + Soul = Living body can do all thinking, talking, walking, etc. Everything put to gather as Activities.

This equation proves the power of doing activities including talking, walking, thinking rests with Soul and not with the body as a differentiator between living and dead body is – SOUL.

Therefore, answer to the first question – Mr. Jay Kapoor? Is right?

Answer giving capacity rests with the Soul and not with the Jay’s body. So talker is Soul and not the body as both are different. “

Jay was speechless but convinced about the difference. “So all of us are Souls with different bodies? Right?”


“But on death after the departure from one body where does the Soul go? Jay asked.

“There are millions of living beings. Each of these bodies needs one Soul to remain alive. The soul gets a new body after the death of the previous body.

If we plant 100 seeds and offer equal growing conditions, some will grow, some will not grow and some will grow but wont offer quality fruits. What could be the reason for these differences?

“Quality of seeds.” Jay was spot on.

“Yes, quality of seeds decides the outcome, likewise quality of Soul’s Karma decides which next body it will get. Don’t we see beggars on the streets or millionaires in apartments? Don’t we see pet dogs and dogs on the street facing stones? Why there is a difference in everyone’s financial status or happiness quotient?”

“So you mean Karma, I i.e. Soul do in this birth as a human being will have an impact on my future bodies and happiness? “ Jay was in sync.


“Therefore, today also we are suffering or happy is the result of my past Karmas?” asked Jay.

“Yes, shouldn’t it be?”

“Hmm, This theory of Karma is making sense as we see everyone around us is living a different life. There must be some science behind this.”

“Theory of Karma applies to every Soul. But the problem is we don’t consider self as a soul and act as if we are a body. There lies the problem. If you agree on the above equations and act accordingly the quality of your journey as a soul will improve.”

That means our belief will make us decide journey we are embarking upon.” Jay said and added,” | Birth — Death | is the body approach and |– Lion–Human– Cat– Elephant–Cow–| is the Soul approach. “

“Absolutely right.”

“Oh. What a fundamental change it can bring in approach. My bad act in the present body for limited happiness can attract bad Karma to me, i.e. Soul and results in misery and pain in my present as well as next body. “

“Yes, it can even influence new body the Soul gets.”

“Suppose I do more good deeds than will it helps me get happiness in future? Jay asked.

“Yes it does, but your journey as a Soul will continue.”

“Then what should be the ultimate goal of the Soul.” Jay was curious.

“Do you see anybody permanently happy anywhere? No. Therefore ending the cycle of the new body should be the objective of every Soul. All pains and happiness are suffered by the Soul and not the body. Revisit the above equation.”

“How is it possible to end the cycle?” Jay was inquisitive.

“By becoming Karmaless Soul.”

“If Soul’s liberation from bodies is the way for permanent happiness then knowing the laws of Karmas is essential or every Soul.” Jay was realising the importance of the laws governing every Soul.

“Yes, but we as human being we prefer to know the laws made by us like IPC, Income tax and Properties act and what not.“

“That is because we Souls have become engrossed with the body and bodily requirements.” Jay reasoned.

“I am not stating don’t know all these laws, but I am indicating about the priority. The Death of this human body is certain and no one knows when. It can be even today. All these bodily acts and deeds with one of the other motives are the source of dirt i.e. Karma for the Soul.”

“Oh, so I can become happy by manipulating these men made laws to get temporary benefits but by doing so I am as a Soul is attracting more bad Karmas.” Jay was relating it.

“Yes, just for the mere temporary benefit of the body and praise from friends, Soul is attracting new Karma which can make the Soul unhappy and prolong the pain potential for the Soul.”

“I want to know how to make my Soul completely dirt free i.e. Karma free. But today I have a hearing at court. I will catch up very soon. This is not only interesting by the most important.” said Jay and left.

Want to now more on the subject? Welcome to read the fiction ‘The Highest Ignorance‘.

Sunil Gandhi